If you’re interested come to my room…

That is part of the text I received from the woman I rented a room from. It went something like this:

Hmm. So that’s awkward.

Fast forward 4 months and I’ve moved, found a fabulous new apartment with a fantastic (sane) roommate who has no plans to hit on me. Yes!

Then, last night this happened:

Tommy is our 25 year old neighbor whose dad is also our landlord. And, yes. That’s his ‘little tommy’.


Some would say the lesson here is this: Don’t drink with the people you rent from. My question is: since when did it become OK to say or send things like this to people you barely know?

Maybe I’m old fashioned but personally, it takes time for me to get to that point with someone and I absolutely need to know them more than 5 minutes. It’s just vulgar and rude and soooo presumptive for someone to think that I (or anyone, for that matter) would be turned on by that and give any moment’s consideration at all to accepting their proposal.

Who are these people? Do people actually say yes to this? Am I just being uptight and judgmental for thinking I’m better than that?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for a well deserved one night stand or a friends with benefits situation. However, in both of those cases I assume both parties have expressed mutual interest. Not so in these situations. In no way did I flirt with, come on to or indicate that I had any interest in them whatsoever. In fact, I barely like them at all.

And lastly, the weiner picture he sent me was at 4am… clearly there should be no light coming in his windows then. That means this dude keeps pictures of his ‘little tommy’ on his phone to send to people at moment’s notice. Who does that?

Tommy, for the record… I’m not impressed. If you’re going to send me a picture of your member, make sure it’s worth looking at.

That is all.


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