Three years.

I wrote this in 2010, on the anniversary of one of the most life-changing days in my life thus far. I remember moments of how that day felt vividly. I wouldn’t call this a poem… more like prose. Consider it my thoughts, how I think them, on paper…

Last year was the first year it went by and I had forgotten what day it was.

Three years.

Three years ago today,
I left you.
No longer we, together, breathing
The history that is us.
Three years ago today
I stopped chasing two,
And started deciding
For me.
Lies no longer heard,
Truth no longer forgiven.
Promises never kept.
Three years ago today,
Nine years from hello
I said goodbye to my future,
and discovered my present.
Your lips knew me, more than
your hands taught me.
Your actions broke me, more
than your heart
loved me.
Three years ago today
And you are no longer known,
Vanished with the tears shed
Too often, too cold.
I gave up you and found
The strength of me.
I surrendered and won,
The greatest battle that I have ever fought.
I changed my life,
I left you.
Three years ago today.


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